Institutional DataMart

The Institutional DataMart is a repository of data gathered from various institutional sources. The Institutional DataMart is intended to provide users with quick and easy access to a multitude of institutional data. The primary audience of the Institutional DataMart is the Chapman University community and it is meant to be used as a resource or a reference for on-campus users who are in need of uniform institutional data for planning and decision making. However, this resource is also intended to be used by members of the public who wish to know more about student success and institutional achievement at Chapman University. If you would like to know more about learning outcomes please visit Learning at Chapman.

Data provided in the Institutional DataMart are a "snapshot" of the official Fall census date and reflect many of the common data definitions put forward by the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data Survey (IPEDS). Five year trends are provided for all data elements. Please select one of the reports on the left to view the data you are interested in.