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Chapman University is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive academic global community. The University is dedicated to enhancing diversity and inclusion in all aspects of recruitment and employment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition, military and veteran status, marital status, pregnancy, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by state or federal law. The University is committed to achieving a diverse faculty and staff and encourages members of underrepresented groups to apply.

Current Career Opportunities at Chapman University

There are 31 Career Opportunities open at this time.

Posting DateJob NumberJob TitleRevision DateStatus
10/18/2016 164-16 Academic Advisor02/02/2017Reopened to Accept New Applications
12/16/2016 191-16 Academic Professional, Postdoctoral Fellow Accepting Applications
2/17/2017 18-17 Academic Professional, Research Associate  Accepting Applications
12/22/2016 193-16 Analyst, Contract & Grant Accepting Applications
1/1/2013 999-AT Assistant Coach - Athletics Continuous Recruitment
2/17/2017 17-17 Assistant Registrar Accepting Applications
1/31/2017 10-17 Assistant Vice President for Research Accepting Applications
9/21/2016 150-16 Asst Director, Experiential Education12/07/2016Reopened to Accept New Applications
2/17/2017 16-17 Client Services Technician I Accepting Applications
2/15/2017 15-17 Coordinator, Administrative/Stage Door Accepting Applications
11/22/2016 180-16 Coordinator, Admissions - DCFMA02/20/2017Accepting Applications
12/9/2016 188-16 Coordinator, Experiential Education12/12/2016Accepting Applications
1/9/2017 03-17 Coordinator, Student Affairs Accepting Applications
2/15/2017 14-17 Coordinator, Theatre/Stage Door Accepting Applications
11/23/2016 183-16 Dean, Argyros School of Business and Economics Accepting Applications
2/15/2017 13-17 Deputy Chief, Public Safety Accepting Applications
10/20/2016 167-16 Director, Career Services - ASBE Accepting Applications
12/5/2016 185-16 IACUC Administrator12/06/2016Accepting Applications
1/11/2017 04-17 Manager, Business - School of Law Accepting Applications
11/22/2016 178-16 Manager, CSW Shop and Warehouse - DCFMA Accepting Applications
11/23/2016 181-16 Manager, Production - Musco Center Accepting Applications
2/17/2017 19-17 Patrol Officer Accepting Applications
9/28/2016 153-16 PeopleSoft Developer Accepting Applications
1/24/2017 08-17 Project Archivist, Full-Time LT Accepting Applications
12/21/2016 192-16 Research Administrator 01/19/2017Accepting Applications
2/14/2017 12-17 Research Technician, Full-Time LT Accepting Applications
11/7/2016 173-16 Sr. Administrative Assistant - Pharmacy11/30/2016Accepting Applications
2/14/2017 11-17 Supervisor, Audience Development  Accepting Applications
8/11/2015 999-TMP Temporary Assignment Opportunities Continuous Recruitment
12/1/2015 172-15 TMP Temporary Stage Technician, Part-Time12/2/2015Continuous Recruitment
4/13/2016 40-16 TMP Temporary Theatre Technician I  Accepting Applications


Current Career Opportunities at Brandman University

Posting DateJob NumberJob TitleLocation NameRevision DateStatus


Recently Closed Job Listings

There are 20 recently closed jobs.

Posting DateJob NumberJob TitleRevision DateStatus
1/20/2017 07-17 Alumni Engagement Assistant02/07/17Closed to Further Applications
7/20/2016 112-16 Assistant Dean, Graduate & Executive Programs-ASBE2/7/2017Closed to Further Applications
8/5/2016 121-16 Asst Dean, Career Services - Law School01/24/2017Closed to Further Applications
11/11/2016 176-16 TMP Counselor, Student Psychological Services12/14/2016Closed to Further Applications
1/19/2017 06-17 Hilbert Museum Assistant01/27/2017Closed to Further Applications
1/26/2017 09-17 Library Assistant II - Circulation PT02/02/2017Closed to Further Applications
11/23/2016 182-16 Museum Registrar PT - Hilbert Museum01/06/2017Closed to Further Applications
12/15/2016 190-16 Operations Administrator, Smith Institute2/15/17Closed to Further Applications
6/21/2016 84-16 Research - Post Doctoral Fellow LT12/20/2016Closed to Further Applications
6/9/2016 75-16 Research Assistant, Part-Time LT07/05/2016Closed to Further Applications
8/19/2016 130-16 Research Associate or Post-doctoral Fellow, Limite09/15/2016Closed to Further Applications
11/7/2016 172-16 Specialist, Accounts Payable02/13/2017Closed to Further Applications
1/22/2016 11-16 Temporary Head Usher, Part-Time09/16/2016Closed to Further Applications
10/18/2016 166-16 Associate General Counsel02/10/2017Job Filled
1/11/2017 05-17 Coordinator, Admin Operations - Public Safety02/13/2017Job Filled
1/5/2017 01-17 Dispatcher02/20/2017Job Filled
5/24/2016 65-16 Manager, Institutional Support02/20/2017Job Filled
10/31/2016 170-16 Public Relations Assistant02/20/2017Job Filled
8/12/2016 126-16 Technician I, Client Services02/01/2017Job Filled
4/6/2016 36-16 TEMP Temporary Web Developer01/02/2017Job Filled